Music for Three Recorders

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Four Klezmer Trios

SAT p744


1. Goldene Khasene (Golden Wedding) 2. Beim Rebens Sideh (At the Rabbi's Feast) 3. Odessa Bulgar (Line dance from Odessa) 4. Freylekhs Tants (Happy Dance)

The Dashing White Sergeant and other Scottish dance tunes

SAT; P732


1. The Dashing White Sergeant 2. Orange and Blue 3. The Cock o' the North 4. Scotland the Brave

Spring Caprice



featured in the centrefold of The Recorder Magazine Spring 2021


3 Czech Carols

(SAT) P241


Five Scottish Songs and Dances

(SAT) P277


3 Christmas Spirituals

(SAT) P278


On the Cool Side

ATB) P339


Let My Little Light Shine

(ATB) P351


Three Kings

(SAT) RA163


Razzjazz for Three

(SAT) P195


Three Scottish Songs

(SAT) P221


Five Fine Scottish Songs

(SAT) P224


Winter Weather

(SAT) P222


Still on the Cool Side: 4 jazzy trios

(ATB) P447


6 Irish Airs

(SAT) P581


Christmas with a swing

(SAT) P538


3 Irish Carols

(SAT) P240


Five Irish Trios

(SAT) P709


6 English Christmas Carols

(SAT) P540


Three South American Carols

(SAT) RA167


Three Carols from Bourbonnais

(SAT) RA174


Five Catalan Carols

(SAT) RA140